Facebook user Doug Murphy claims…

“Ron (kelly)Venables is a thief. He listed a nolan ryan mets patch on ebay about 2 werks ago. I wanted it badly and sent him a message i wanted to do a trade. This person bought a card from me on ebay 6 months ago and has 100% feedback so I had no reason to assume he was a fraud. So after several text messages we agreed I would send him 2 Nolan Ryan’s for his one card. The next day we both exchanged pics of the envelopes we were putting in the mail. My 2 cards are valued about 700$ total. Several days later I was excited to see I got my package. The excitement was short lived as I received not the card we agreed upon. It was someone I never heard of and has zero $ value to me..i immediately texted Ron with no response then tried calling. I also grabed a diffrent phone and tried calling. It just goes to voicemail. I showed him a pic of the cheap wrong card he sent. I finally got a response in the morning saying he sent the Nolan Ryan. That is the only response he has given me. I even tried contacting him through ebay and was already blocked. I immediatly reached out to my close friend Kurt Christensen on what to do and advice. I was told to list him here and hopefully expose him as the no good lying thief he is. I have had some support so far from friends as they have been blowing up his phone and eBay. He just tells them to fuck off and doesn’t deny ripping me off when asked to his face. Now not only am I out 2 1/1 Nolan Ryan’s from my PC , I am so sad I’m not getting the uber rare Mets patch Nolan Ryan.”


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