Its no secret that the latest trend in the hobby has been the rise of “on demand” sets. From Topps NOW to Panini Instant, all the major players in the industry have jumped on the on demand bandwagon.  However, with their latest release, Topps has taken the on demand concept one step further with their new, never ending set, Topps Living.

Launched in March of 2018, Topps Living is one of the most unique and innovate sets in the history of the hobby.  It starts with card #1, but has no end in sight. Per Topps, “its not tied to any specific season or era…but lives on year after year. It’s the first cross-generational product that can be collected and traded for years to come.”  Every week, THREE cards are added to the set.  The cards are available for purchase at for a week, and that’s it.  Collectors have the option of purchasing single cards at $9.99 per card, or the 3-player “sets” for $14.99.  The following week, another three players are added to the set.  Only one card will be issued per player, unless the player changes teams.  Then, somewhere down the line, another card of said player could be added to the set in their new threads.

Printed on vintage 16-point stock, the set is based off of the classic 1953 Topps design, the first hand painted set Topps produced.  The illustrations are done by the amazingly talented Mayumi Seto, known for her work in other classic Topps releases such as Topps Gallery.

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