Yet another massive sale in the hobby just took place, as a 1993 SP Derek Jeter RC graded a PSA 10, sold on eBay for $99,100.  While not the $400k dropped on the Trout 1st Bowman Superfractor, the $99k sale is the highest known sale for the Jeter RC.  The card was sold on consignment by PWCC, with 21 different people placing a total of 148 bids.

The 1993 SP Jeter RC, the most iconic of all Jeter rookies, launched Upper Decks SP series to a whole new level, paving the way for SP Authentic and countless other “spinoff” sets.  The release of the 1993 SP set changed the way collectors viewed “premium”, “or high end” products.


But what made this card fetch just under $100k?  Besides this being one of the most iconic cards of the 90’s, getting a high grade with these cards is incredibly tough.  With its foil-based fronts, the Premium Prospects subset (which this iconic card is a part of), was prone to chipping, and many have surface issues.  In fact, only 22 out of over 14,000 graded by PSA received a Gem Mint 10 grade, and less than 600 reached a 9. Beckett has also graded over 14,000 copies, with NONE receiving a BGS 10, and only 239 getting a Mint 9.5.

This sale is a substantial increase over the last few sales of the card.  Last year, two PSA 10’s sold, one for $54,576 in May and another for $49,000 in September.  PWCC has yet to confirm if this latest sale has been completed and paid for.  We will update as soon as the information becomes available.

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