Some people lie and steal out in the open and are caught immediately.  Others are able to stay in action and steal over time.  This guy has been flagged for many offenses and for a long time managed to only get the slow shipper label.  Recently some powerful evidence uncovered got him on our radar and added to our database.


This wonderful video by Tyler Rodgers seems to show Stefan stealing a card from a recent break he did.

The following entry has been added to the list.

  • Stefan Jan Otto – aka; Nikolas Brown Otto – Removed from group for non pay money owed for deals, running / allowing shady unverified razzes with no dice randomized, lying, and breaking his own groups rules. (3/2/18 – Ian Washington & Esa Bendek – SHBRBST). Caught posting a fake game used Sakic hockey stick. Claiming provenance, then it was pointed out by others that it was impossible because it was a right handed stick for a left handed player (10/15/16 – William Case – SSL). Non pay $25 owed to Gerard Bernard for contest he won in Stefan’s group. When reminded about it, he said he pay in a couple of days, then never paid. Reminded again 5 months later. No response. (6/5/17 – Ian Washington – SSL). Admitted to screwing over a member and then tried to blow it off by saying that that God would be his judge for it. (3/2/18 – Mark Poloni – SSL). Accused of running shady razzes with other scammers in his group, and allowing scammers to remain in his group, (3/2/18 – Jim Binkle – SSL). Ripped off Frankie Peddle on deal. Sent wrong, cheaper cards. When asked for a refund, he got no response back. (3/4/18 – Frankie Peddle – SSE). Non ship cards owed to Ethan Ayers. Failed to send tracking. Sent death threats to him & Mike Carson. Posting false accusations about collectors scamming. (3/4/18 – Ethan Ayers – SSE). Posts sob stories and sympathy stories about him and his son to try and get free items from members. Claimed his collection was burnt in a fire to garner sympathy for free replacement items. (3/4/18 – Kyle – SSE). Non pay $85 to Matt Morrison for spots in breaks. When called out, he claimed he received empty top loaders, and sent death threats to him (3/4/18 – Matt Morrison – SSE). Negative feedback for shipping break cards in PWE, then booting member from group when he brought it up in a thread (3/4/18 – Aaron Weinrauch – SSE). Non ship card owed to Mike Ober (3/4/18 – Mike Ober – SSE). Negative feedback for not shipping cards for over 3 months+ to Ian Washington. Wouldn’t respond to repeated contact attempts, then finally answered when he was ‘called out’ in group. He lied saying cards were lost in flood and he had to get replacements. When cards finally did arrive the autos were the exact same as the original cards that were supposedly lost in the flood. (3/4/18 – Ian Washington – SSE). Accused of not using time stamps on all of his razz videos, and running unverified videos. Taking spots in his own razzes, allowing his son to take spots in his razzes, also bumps the price spots to accommodate that. (3/4/18 – Ethan Fisher – SSE). Numerous reports of him flipping out on people for no reason. Pming and harassing them and booting them from groups. (3/4/18 – Gregory Murray – SSE). Negative feedback for slow ship to Ryan Eric Brandvold. Excuses and delays. Blocked him. (3/22/18 – Ryan Eric Brandvold – SSE). Negative feedback for poor shipping methods. Sent expensive cards loose in a plastic card box with no packing, card corners were damaged. (3/22/18 – Mike Carson – SSE). Accused of ripping off Kurtis Kooznetsoff for $150. Claims cards and sells cards he doesn’t have in his possession, razz’s cards that aren’t his. Makes you send tracking to one of his drop off locations, but forgets to send yours with tracking Used emergency tooth surgery excuse 4 different times. Also, tried to intimidate him with his brother, who’s apparently in a bike gang and just got out of jail. (3/22/18 – Kurtis Kooznetsoff – SSE). Non ship cards to Ethan Ayers. Also did a Paypal bogus chargeback on him from cards he’d purchased, saying he never shipped and blocked him (3/30/18 – Ethan Ayer – SSE). Paypal: joshlisauve@gmail.com and
    Also got caught keeping back cards in a group break by Tyler Rodgers.

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