Release Date: 5/30/2018
Box Breakdown: 8 cards per pack, 24 packs per box, 12 boxes per case

Pro Debut returns for 2018 to give baseball collectors their minor league fix.  It maintains a similar configuration from 2017, and is once again a hobby-only product.  The base set uses the same design as the flagship product and features the 1st cards for players from the 2017 MLB Draft in their MiLB uniforms.  And just like the flagship product the 200 card base set has many different parallels.

Falling two per box, autographs come in multiple formats.  The Base Autographs play off of the primary design, with numbered parallels including Red #/10 and FoilFractor 1/1’s.  Case-hit Splash of the Future autographs, which are all limited to 99 or less, feature a gorgeous portrait-styled design.  Rounding out the autograph selection are MiLB Leaps and Bounds Autographs.
Also falling two per box, 2018 Pro Debut has many different relic options. Fragments of the Farm feature multiple different types of material, from backstop netting to stadium wall signs, while Promo Night Uniforms feature jumbo pieces from different Promo Night jerseys.  Manufactured patches also make their debut in the Distinguished Debut Patch set.

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