Don’t let the brand name fool you.  Leaf is at it again with 2018 ultimate draft football.  Focusing on the studs of the 2018 class, Ultimate Draft places a heavy emphasis on hard signed autographs of the athletes in their college uni’s.
Leaf plays from behind the eight ball often since they don’t own a license with any of the main sports leagues.  They don’t allow that to deter them, however from pushing the envelope with their products.  What Leaf has managed to pull of this product is combining the prospecting aspect of baseball products with the serial number obsession that appeals to many football collectors.  This set features sets numbered /1, /5, /10, /15, /25 and the base set.  There are also insert subsets for the rookie autos, using designs from 1990, 1991 Leaf Rookie, and 1992 Leaf Black Gold, riding the trend of throwing back to classic designs with an excellent execution.

As is the case with Leaf, its value is the highest around release time, and when you break a box of Ultimate Draft you will see 5 hard signed rookie cards per hobby box.  With 5 hard signed rookie cards and featuring well thought of names from the draft, this product is a great opportunity for collectors to get their hands on some sought after rookie autos soon after the draft.  With names on the autograph checklist like Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, and Bradley Chubb, This is a key product for those collectors that just can’t stand stickers.  Oh – and the ENTIRE PRODUCT is the autos.  No base, inserts, or relics to worry about.  Ultimate Draft is indeed that – the ultimate way to score that rookie auto you just HAVE to have before everyone else.

At an average of $105 per box, some find this product to be a little steeply priced for only getting five cards, but Leaf has really done a great job making those autos something collectors want.  At $20 per card cost, getting that money back out of the box is possible with the right draft class and appropriate timing with team draft-hype still high.  2018 offers a HUGE checklist with names that should hold value for months or years to come.  Not the best card stock, and not pro uniforms, and really only holds a great deal of value right after the draft, but at a decent price point with short printed, on card autos and NO BASE to wade through, I give this early 2018 football product 3 Sir Purrs out of 5imagesimagesimages

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