The High-End baseball season is in full swing with Topps production of Tier One baseball.  A product that is unquestionably high end both in quality of the cards themselves and the type of hits it produces, Topps Tier One 2018 is quite the chase product.
2018-Topps-Tier-One-Baseball-Autographed-Prodigious-Patches    2018-Topps-Tier-One-Baseball-Card-1
High End products are unique from Chase or Set products in that these card need a combination of unique design, unique, yet desirable hits, and a star studded checklist to do well.  2018 Tier One hits all of this check marks.  From a minimalist, yet classy base auto design, to a beautiful case-hit chase design that incorporates the seams of the ball into the design of the card, the Topps artists really did a nice job with Tier One this year.
2018-Topps-Tier-One-Baseball-Dual-Autograph-Tier-One-Relic-Book-Correa-AltuveHits abound in this product, from multiple options for on card autos, to relic-auto cards, dual patch auto booklets, to chase cards like bat knob auto cards, bat barrel autos, cut signature relics all containing game used material.  They even put the autograph pen itself into some of these cards – talk about unique!  As truly should be the case in a high-end product, all of the memorabilia included in this product is game-used.  Many of the relic cards offer large area swatches, which allows for much more interesting cards when patches and multi colored parts of the jersey come in to play.
2018-Topps-Tier-One-Baseball-Tier-One-Autographed-Limited-Lumber-Bryce-HarperAt $150 per box, for a product that is as nicely done as Tier One, buyers really aren’t risking as much as they could on other products that include chase cards like cut signatures and bat knobs.  Add in that this is a Topps product (yes, that Topps, the one with the MLB exclusive license, meaning team names and logos….and more market appeal for those hits that you need to move to try and help pay for the box) and you have a really easy entry into some nice cards for a collection.  While making $150 back off any box is a challenge, and no product is a guarantee in that regard, a box that gives you two autos and a relic card (no base – a breaker’s DREAM!) is a decent bet to at least net you a decent trade piece or two – and just maybe a timeless classic.  That’s good for 4 tomahawk chops out of 5.
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