We have to be careful with this one because it involves a fair bit of conjecture and different information sources.  I’m going to avoid rendering any judgement and stick to the accusations as levied by traders and Vincenzo Fiorentino admin of the Facebook group Slab Hut.

This started when a Facebook user Brad Fox reported that he had received a charge-back on a two week old Ohtani purchase because the condition wasn’t to his liking.  Keep in mind Ohtani needs Tommy John surgery and his card prices have fallen since then.

Here is the Original listing.  Seller stated mint condition.  However it should also be noted that two weeks have passed since the win and the return and the card has passed through several hands.

Here are the screen shots and a post by Jared Landress

Vincenzo Fiorentino of Slab Hut

Vincenzo bought an Ohtani on eBay.
Card was shipped to Josh Cade for his BGS sub group and arrived on May 29th.

Cade’s BGS sub group shows an Ohtani was sent for a 1 day sub and got a 9.5/10.

**update** The card in question did not get.  This was another card in Josh Cade’s submission.

Ohtani gets injured. Card is now submitted to PayPal claiming it is a a damaged card.

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