My name is Dolphin Dan, and I collect ink.

No, not tattoos. Not yet at least, as I’m only 17. I collect in-person (IP) autographs. A lot of autographs.
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This year alone, as of June 2nd, I’ve gotten 426 total IP autographs. After getting 331 total in 2017, I figured I would round up and set a goal of 400 total for 2018. Little did I know how big of a collection I’d be amassing.  Halfway through the year I have already accomplished my initial goal (somehow), but we aren’t stopping there.
I’ve had a lot of fun autographing this year. I’ve made a lot of new friends and met a lot of star athletes. My best autographs so far this year are Craig Biggio and Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who I met at Spring Training only 3 months ago. It was my first time ever graphing at Spring Training, and I now plan on going every year for the rest of my life. Spring Training is a baseball fan’s dream. If you haven’t gone before, GO. It’s worth every dollar you spend and sunburn you collect along the way.
At this point, some of you may be thinking “Oh, since he’s gotten so many autographs he sells most of them.” On the contrary, I do not sell a single autograph I obtain. I’ll get items signed that aren’t for me, rather they’re for my friends who can’t see certain players, but I do not sell any of the autographs I obtain as I find it disrespectful to the athlete.  I do this solely for my own collection.

After reaching my first goal of 2018, I now have a new goal. It’s a very lofty goal. It will take probably my whole life, but I’m ready to take it on. My goal is to complete the 2017 Heritage, Heritage High Number, and Heritage Minors sets. This means getting 945 different cards signed. Every current baseball player you can think of is in this set. This will require me to get autographs from guys like Trout, Harper, Judge, Bryant, Correa, and Kershaw. This will not be a small task, but it sure will be a fun one.
I look forward to chronicling my adventures in graphing for Waxpack Nation. Stay Tuned!

-Dolphin Dan

My favorite autographs from 2018 (426 & counting):
Michael Kopech
Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
Craig Biggio
David Justice
Kevin Kiermaier
Aaron Nola
Roberto Osuna

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