Release Date: August 22, 2018
Box Breakdown: 1 pack per box, 7 cards per pack, 16 boxes per case

Origins returns for its third season and once again focuses heavily, as the name implies, on Rookies (in NFL Team Jerseys!!!).  Not much has changed from a visual standpoint for 2018, as Origins once again utilizes a modern, smoke-styled background making Origins instantly recognizable. Each hobby box will include 2 autographs (at least one on card), 1 memorabilia card, and 4 base cards or parallels.

As with the first two renditions, rookie autographs take center stage with Origins.  Many of the autographs were signed at the Rookie Premier in May, which means one thing: ON CARD AUTOGRAPHS! Something Origins is far from lacking.




There are multiple hard signed sets in 2018, with Rookie Autographs leading the way.  There are also plenty of Parallels, with Red (/99 or less), Blue (/49 or less), Turquoise (/25 or less), Gold (/10 or less), Green (/5 or less) and the 1/1 Black.  Origins Autographs take on a darker theme and utilize various ink colors such as Bronze (/99 or less), Silver (/25 or less) and Gold (/10 or less).

The on card content continues with Passing Stars, Rushing Stars & Receiving Stars, each highlighting star Rookies from the “big 3” positions, and come with limited parallels that include inscriptions highlighting player achievements and more!  Rounding out the position-based sets are the popular Quad Rookie Signatures, which feature 4 of the top rookie QB’s, WR’s & RB’s from the 2018 Draft Class on one card.
2018-Panini-Origins-Football-Origins-Autographs-Silver-Ink     panini-america-2018-origins-football-quad-rookie-autographs
Booklets once again return, and you guessed it, they’re on card autos! Rookie Booklet Patch Autographs feature an autograph on one side and a jumbo memorabilia piece on the other, with no more than /49 copies.  Parallels can also be found in Gold (/25 or less), Gloves (/2), Nike Laundry Tag (1/1) and NFL Shield (1/1). Six Star Signatures Booklets take the Quad Rookie Signatures style, add a few more star autographs, making for one of the more unique booklets of the NFL season.   Rounding out the booklets are Rookie Stars Dual Signatures.
panini-america-2018-origins-football-six-stars-signatures panini-america-2018-origins-football-saquon-barkley
Jumbo Patch Autographs round out the autograph checklist.  Although not on-card, these do have a jumbo swatch added to the card.  Parallels can be found in Red (/99 or less), Orange (/75 or less), Blue (/49 or less), Turquoise (/25 or less), Gold (/10 or less), Green (/5 or less), and Black (1/1).
On the memorabilia side, Rookie Jumbo Jerseys take a horizontal design and include a large memorabilia swatch.  There are multiple parallels to chase as well, such as Red (/99 or less), Orange (/75 or less), Blue (/49 or less), Turquoise (/25 or less), Gold (/10 or less), Green (/5 or less), and Black (1/1).
While not much has changed since last year, 2018 Origins boasts a bold, modern design and a bevy of on card autographs that will surely have collectors in a frenzy upon its release.

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