Over the years, I have accumulated so much junk. A good portion of it including most of my Starting Lineups and any figures were traded off. I also had a bunch of autographed items I was just looking to downsize with and traded half of those off as well. I still have some to go in that area.

Most of the items I acquired over the years were from purchases in online catalogs, local outlets, department stores, gifts from family, and from a few contests I won. I originally really wanted these items, but as time has gone on and I have gotten older and what feels as my house getting smaller, I decided it was time just to collect cards now. No more adding those markdown McFarlane figures just for the fun of it.

A post office a few towns away, the biggest one in my area, used to carry fun photo frames. The frames came with a photo of a featured player and at the bottom an envelope that was team designed.  The envelope also had a stamp. It’s a post office you know!

I think they look pretty cool and were given to me as gifts for a few years.

I have four overall with two from the Yankees and two from the Giants.

Derek Jeter:

A-Roid. I mean A-Rod.

Gmen! Team photo.

And one that’s my favorite of the group. Sorry, but I can’t let go of Super Bowl 42. It was just amazing.


These used to hang on the walls of my man cave before I ended up condensing the man cave some after it got moved. Now they are tucked away safely in a tote til another day when I find room to put them back out again.
How many of you have seen these or own any? Let me know!

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