Well, here we go.

I have decided to make a few changes on here again. Gone are the segments. I just don’t know what it is about them, I just don’t like sticking to them and feeling limited on what I am writing about. At least if I do reviews and mail days I can let things flow freely and that’s the way I feel most comfortable to write. It also gives me more room to write unlike the segments for Sets Of My Childhood which simply was a few paragraphs. I do still plan on chasing those sets still and you can find all of my needs under the Sets Of My Childhood needs tab but not previewing them anymore on here unless they are apart of a mail day.

Some other changes you may have noticed is updated tabs and a cleaner interface. Another change to come still is a new blog header. I am not sure if I will use the lettermen still to build it or start from scratch.  But I felt some mid-season changes were needed.

Enough with me rambling on about change, lets get to the box of goods that P-Town of Waiting Til Next Year blog sent me.

The cards today will be apart of an ongoing showcase of his big card dump off where he had multiple boxes of cards to let go. Originally he had set aside just the non baseball stuff for me, but in one of his posts mentioned that maybe I would go for more. I at first questioned grabbing the Yankees, but thought I would get a bunch of doubles being from the era there were. As he posted that nobody had yet claimed the Yanks almost a week later, I felt it was a sign that they were still available for me to claim. So I did. I mean, it was free cards.

So not much longer after the claim, a monster of a box arrived full of a variety of cards from multiple sports.

Today I take a look at some Classic Four Sport Cards from 1992. I think these pre-draft cards are a fun set to look at and even have some big names within. There were 325 cards in the set to collect and boxes right now are pretty cheap for $15 each.

He sent a good 800ct box full so I will roughly just break down some of my favorites I found.

Phil Nevin was never really a big name, but he was a decent player who bounced around many organizations but I felt like I knew him most for the Tigers. Currently however, he wears pinstripes as the Yanks third base coach.

Jason Roidambi, sorry you all know how I feel about PED players, was a powerful hitter but had his reasons for being that. I liked his time with the Yankees but that * still stands over him in my opinion. Jason did manage 440 home runs for his career.

Jon Lieber. Bet you haven’t heard that name in some time. But, he was a decent pitcher who spread himself across many organizations but best known to me as a Cub despite his one season in pinstripes. Lieber was 131-124 in his career with a 4.27 ERA.

THE CAP! Love the photograph on these and not at all complaining about owning two of Derek’s pre-draft rookies.

And we end baseball with a look at the Yankees greatest draft pick of all time…..(yes that’s sarcasm). This card is only featured because the photo I found interesting in the set as most are action packed ones.
We take a look at some basketball player highlights next.
Lonzo. Man he added to the Knicks and Heat rivalry of the late 90’s . Thats when the NBA was at its beest. Now it’s just full of crybabies, three good teams and a bunch of overpaid players.

Christian Laettner will be best known for his time at Duke and his shot against Kentucky jn the 1992 Regional Final. Even though he did spend 13 years in the NBA. Go Duke!

Dikembe is not only a fun name to say, but he was a well respected player in the NBA. Especially on defense where he dominated. He was easily one of the best shotblockers and defensive rebounders in the game’s history.

Latrell was a great player but mostly known for his controversy on and off the court which continues today. He usually is known for not choking on his shots, just choking his coach.In 1997, he had an incident in which he choked coach P. J. Carlesimo with his time with Golden State. He actually helped lead the Knicks to the NBA Finals against the Spurs in which they lost. This was the last time I watched an NBA game or series as the Knicks downfall started afterwards and only got uglier.
I didn’t see a lot of highlights in hockey, so this four sport is turning to three as we end with my favorite sport, football.
Rocket!He was best known in college sports especially for his return capabilities.

Dave Brown. Any Giants fan knows how this guys career went. Down the interception tube. But, he was still in an era I enjoyed collecting so I still seek out Brown’s cards. The 90’s were a trying time after Phil Simms retired for Giant QB’s as they went through multiple ones including the next guy who was even worse than Brown.

Tommy Maddox. Guy played amazing for the Pittsburgh Steelers but was a complete waste of time in big blue. The guy won a Super Bowl ring even but only because he backed up Big Ben. He also played well for his time in the XFL which returns in 2020. It was terrible to watch the first time around, not sure what they will do to fix it the second time around.

Keith Hamilton was the Hammer for the Giants defense in the 90’s racking up 63 sacks in 163 games in big blue uni.

And finally, Phillippi Sparks. It’s like spelling Mississippi. Who is probably best known now for being Jordin Sparks dad. If you don’t know Jordin, she won the 6th season of American Idol. But Sparks had some ups and downs with the Giants at corner.

There were definitely some great PC adds above and this was only the beginning. There are five other parts to this series so it will be fun ride that you will want to come back for.

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