Awhile back Trevor over at Bump and Run Football Card Blog and I pulled off a trade after he saw a pull that caught his eye from my 2018 Leaf Draft football break.

So I sent his card, well cards off, and in return he sent some that caught my eye.

I will never complain about Topps Chrome adds especially of Shockey. I hope Evan Engram turns out to be as talented as he was. Guy was a game changer. Tiki was also a game changer and the Giants added a possible one in this years draft as well.

I always felt Ike never showed his full potential in blue. I felt he always had more to show but with poor QB play in his time with the Giants-besides the good years with Kerry Collins-he may have had to keep it bottled up. Too bad. I had some good rookies of him including now this one. Someday I need to add an autograph of his.

Charles “Show Me The Way” new adds. This guy was a beast of a full back. I miss card companies adding in the other guys on the teams. That’s why products like Contenders I like. They have some coaches and cover some of these non star guys but it’s not like it used to be. Is anything in this hobby?
I also wanted to point out the Ultra Way card here. Not only does it have a great design and photography, it is also a Sensational 60 parallel. I hadn’t ever heard of that parallel set in these. I guess they fell one-per-retail pack back in the day. It’s always fun to have something new and learn something new.

1996 Fleer Ultra Sensations didn’t live up to it’s name, but I still like to add cards I need from it.

This mail day wasn’t all NY blue however as Trevor knows I love my late 90’s cards. Especially the inserts.
Two rookies including Yatil Green who seemed to always land my way back then. I just love the film over the Finest cards. Miss that with today’s especially since they get scratched surfaces so easy sometimes.

Some hate 1995 Fleer, but some like me love it. This was a simple but nice insert. I am currently chasing the set. I do have the Moore, but I don’t mind having another.

Enis was supposed to help the Bear fans forget about the Salaam drafting, but he didn’t either. Another fail on their drafting. Unlike the Bears, I don’t mind adding guys like this to my 90’s insert PC.

Fleer Focus was a solid product all around in the late, late 90’s. They had decent looking base, but even better inserts. This one sparkles. Literally! At least the glitter stays on the card and not in my hair, hands, face and everywhere else glitter goes.

Another one of those Sensational 60 parallels. This time Elvis is in the building!

Poor Bengals. I know their fans complain about Andy Dalton and how he can’t win in the playoffs, but I think they don’t remember their 90’s roots with guys like Jeff Blake, Scott Klinger and Akili Smith and many others. At least you win and make the playoffs now. Akili may have never panned out, but Upper Deck’s HoloGrFx did at least for me. Lots of shiny stuff in that product.

Speaking of that Upper Deck product and a team that drafts QB’s that don’t pan out, here are the Browns with Tim Couch. Poor Browns. I even question their Mayfield pick this year even though he does have a lot of pieces around him now to help him be successful. I think if he can keep his head focused on football and not be a jerk, he should do okay. Maybe they can finally forget about drafts like this one.

The final card in my package, well it’s that Shockey guy. This time in relic form. I don’t have much for Jeremy when it comes to hits, so I don’t at all mind adding more. I hope to add an autograph of his someday.


Another solid trade between Trevor and I and I am looking forward to the next.
Some of these cards above I know most wouldn’t blink an eye at that I added, but in my opinion, this hobbies theme can be “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. What one person finds ugly, another finds beautiful. 

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