For a stretch in May and June, I had won a few contests and pulled off a good amount of trades. It was mail days galore! For a low budget collector, that’s exactly what you want to keep your interest in the hobby going.

Today I am taking a look at a couple cards I acquired in different ways. One I won in an RT contest on Twitter, while the other took me almost a year to get. So let’s take a look.

Up first, this Bowman Chrome Mega Box mojo refractor of Devers I won in an RT contest from @Scotty_Ballgame. I know, I know.  A Yankees fan entering to win a Red Sox card seems wrong, but that’s not why I entered. I entered to win to add it to my baseball rookie PC and I feel Devers has a very bright future. Maybe not as I thought he would be up to this point this year, but I still see lots of potential so adding some extra cards of him now isn’t a bad thing.

Not to mention, it’s my first card from Mega Box as I don’t have a Target around to acquire them. Actually, my state will be getting their first Target this year but it’s a two hour drive so I may still never go. Not even for baseball cards.

A thanks goes out to @Scotty_Ballgame for the card!
My next card took me almost over a year to get in a trade. You ever have two or more buddies you trade with that collect the same teams? Well, that was the case here. 
When you make my trading circle, every card that I get from a certain team is going to be guaranteed yours. Well, Bryan over at 90’s Niche Football Card Blog gets all of my Packers and that happens to be the team that @TCovCards11collects. Sadly, he doesn’t collect much else besides them. So that put me in a pickle. He had tons of Giants cards I wanted and missed out on because I didn’t have the right trade bait for him. Then he pulled a beautiful Fans Of The Game autograph of one Marissa Miller I wanted as well but once again it came down to what I had for trade bait.
I just didn’t have what he wanted. 
Except I did but it was saved for someone else and that someone else was a trusted trader of 3 plus years. There was no way I was touching what I had saved for him to do the deal. So another deal was going down the drain.
Or was it….
Months had passed and I saw that he tweeted he needed help with his 2015 Gridiron Kings set. Whoa. Something I could help with. Maybe. At first I could only find a few cards he needed so I was just going to send them to him. Then he re-posted the checklist and I found I had even more he needed. Could this finally be the deal that brings me the Miller home.
That answer was yes.
After hours of digging for set help, he graciously said he would pass the Miller onto me for helping him with his set. Good guy!

The Miller was going to be another nice fit into my non sport PC. If you don’t know her you probably didn’t buy the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. She is an American model best known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and Victoria’s Secret.
Thanks goes out to @TCovCards11 for our first trade. Hopefully this won’t be our last and hopefully you will find some other sport you enjoy to collect so I can hit ya up with some other stuff and claim your team spot in my group of traders.
How many of you trade with people who collect common teams and how many of you will trade off your own team for your team? Hmmmmm. Let me know in comments!

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