As first heard on Episode 38 of the Lemme Get That Podagraph Podcast, renowned sports artist Tim Carroll will be at the Waxpack Nation booth at this years National, and hes bringing the Ohtani to display!
Make sure you head over to the AMAZING Waxpack Nation booth at NSCC18 and check out the Ohtani, get your picture taken with the incredible piece and meet the artist himself, the awesome Tim Carroll.

The Ohtani, which was made with cut up pieces of Bowman cards that, according to Tim, he “had from busting so many boxes chasing the Ohtani.” The custom piece measures 20″x28″.
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This is hardly Tim’s first custom piece, as he has made some of the most unique and incredible sports artwork in the industry.  Make sure you head over to to see some of his incredible work.

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