Football is in my blood. No it really is.

Well, at least it’s something I got from my parents.

I love this picture of my parents. It really shows their character. On the walls of their bedroom they hung NY Giants stuff on one wall and Dallas Cowboys stuff on the other. My mom is not one to take pictures so to get her in one and see her unimpressive look on her face when I said, “Smile and Go Giants!” is simply awesome. This is one of the last photos I own she was in other than my high school graduation ones. So this is one I will always cherish.

Recently my football blood came through with another trade with my father. Both of us have been chasing the same people recently. Saquon, Judge, Gleyber. For me, football is a year round sport so I am much more passionate about adding new Giants to my collection first.
As everyone knows who reads this blog, I have been on a Saquon run-see what I did there-I want any and all of his cards I can get my hands onto. My father will only trade dupes of players we commonly collect and I will only do the same as well. Like father, like son. Hmmmm. Maybe we are Goofy and Max then of the Goof Troop. Anyways, he has been busting tons of Elite draft packs at Walmart and managed to get doubles of both base and Sp cards of Saquon so I traded for them.
I really like the shine.

He also had this Griffey I needed so I added that as well. I hadn’t ever seen one of these Ultra inserts.

And in a separate trade roughly a week later, he needed a few cards I had so he could pull off a trade for a Mike Trout rookie card, so I passed them along and got this in return. It wasn’t very easy of him to give up being it was his only copy. He pulled this valuable bad boy from a Walmart rack pack. It’s numbered to 20. And yes, that’s an Odell rookie relic on there. Eight piece rookie relic.

It seems like our trading never ends and I don’t ever want it to. I was glad I was able to get him to come back into the hobby after his long hiatus. Other than discussing old times like the photo above, we also get to discuss the hobby as well.

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