My intention when I posted the Sets Of My Childhood series was hoping other collectors would be able to help me locate or trade for set help. What i didn’t know was how generous they would be about it.
When I posted set help for 1995-1996 Fleer Flair Hardwood Leaders, I had a ton of quick feedback that help could be on it’s way. What I didn’t expect was that it would involve so much generosity.
@pdxGraphin on Twitter was the first to jump on sending me some set help. He knocked three down off from my needs with Mitch Richdmond, Dana Barros and Cedric Ceballos.

Then he tossed in some sweet Knicks cards as well. They consisted of my favorite 90’s Knicks players that I enjoyed watching and “being” in the backyard. I used to be the Knicks starting five playing against the NBA. They wouldn’t always win either because where is the fun in that? Rivalries were more intense and I would statistically keep everything in a note pad of who score what and what the final score was. I used to determine quarters by whoever got to 20 points first.
Seeing these cards really took me back to that time…
I would make a few spin moves and then a jump back shot and yell out..
Allan Hooooooooouuusstooonnnnn

Then I would take a deep shot and go Starks for Three….NAILED IT! (except sometimes it was a complete miss. By the way, this is one of the greatest Finest designs ever)

Then other times I would get under the hoop for a rebound and/or do a hook shot. It was Ewing time.

Thanks goes out to @pdxGraphin for the set help, the Knicks cards and for taking me back for some great times in my life.

Other set help came via PWE in a surprise I wasn’t expecting. Actually, that was a pretty solid Monday in June. I came home to roughly 8 packages. Most I have ever seen in a single day. It was from all of the trades I pulled off and a couple contest wins.

Thanks to Jon over at A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts passed these along to me:
Chris Webber. The Washington Bullets. I will admit I do like the Wizards uni and name better. But, it’s nice to see a throwback.

Speaking of Throwback, the Seattle Supersonics. I know many were upset when they left town. Maybe they will make a come back some day like the Hornets did.

Cedric Ceballos. Well, I tried to cross off these as I get them but it may lead to a couple of doubles. But, I don’t mind at all.

And finally one of the greats, David Admiral Robinson.


Thanks for the set help Jon!
It simply amazes me the amount of generosity we have in our hobby community. I am glad to be on the both ends of the giving and receiving. So much fun. 
You can check out all of my Sets Of My Childhood needs here,

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