@JGfan24ever and I have been doing a few trades and random mail days over the past few months. It’s been a lot of fun with expecting the great incoming mail days and shipping out the returns with a few surprises. Michael has been a great friend of mine in the hobby for a few years now.

In one of the latest trades we pulled off, I was able to add some Giants cards before the new season kicks off and with us being in late July, football season is finally just around the corner. It’s about time!

My first card was a surprise bonus. An Xtra Points parallel from 2017 Prestige of Eli Manning. It’s not numbered but I love the rainbow foil.

Next card is sick, sick, sick!!! Aspirations Orange parallel of Saquon. Such a beautiful card and I love the way reflective lines on this parallel. I really hope I am not wrong about this guy being the next best thing.

My final card looks amazing in-person. Wished my phone when I took the picture could have brought the card out better. This is a 2017 Origins Wayne Gallman on-card gold ink card numbered 25/25. But the whole inception appeal to it with the color scheme. Wow.


However, I don’t like the 00 on the jersey. Man, doesn’t that bug me. It’s my biggest hobby pet peeve.
A big thanks goes out to Michael for the trade and the sweet Giants cards. Thanks so much! I hope we can do this again!
While we are at it, what is one of your biggest hobby pet peeves?

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