The next part of my Grady M mail day contained some shiny and some fun cards from Donruss.
Let’s take a look.
Some shiny goodness from Optic basketball. This group includes Eric Gordon who I had huge hopes for and held onto all of his rookies of. Big mistake. That’s one problem with prospecting.

More shiny cards. This time from Donruss and Donruss Threads.

More Optic shiny. This time some purple. This group includes Kemba Walker who I remember watching play in college on TV. I always thought he would be bigger than he is.

Sweet Wes Unseld pink. Gotta love the Bullets throwback uni

These blue parallels look awesome. Probably the most impressive parallel in the product from what I have seen. There are some great players in this group as well with Vince Carter, Trevor Ariza, Dwayne Wade (who I will always forget that he left Miami), and Ricky Rubio.

I have always liked Panini’s Crusade product or even the inserts they used in Rookies and Stars. I always said it should be an individual product for football.

I also got my first look at Donruss baseball. At least some of the inserts. This is the way inserts should be. Numbered, colorful and collectible and not every pack. This is why I would want Panini to get part of the MLB license. They did a great job with Donruss at least with the inserts. We will dig deeper soon with that product.

And I love The San Diego Chicken add to the product.

Then came these nickname variations. This is what we will dig deeper into at some point.

Lots of Stanton. Parallels and Sp.

Like I said this isn’t the end of the Donruss talk. This years product was up and down for me. Some positives and some negatives and I am sure you guys will agree with me when the post goes up.

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