It’s time to go back into that big box of goodies that came from P-Town of Waiting Til Next Year blog.

The next two days I will wrap up the cards I found in the box. I do have other mail days I really need to post, but P-Town’s is the longest waiting one at this point. So I think it’s best to call it a wrap.

Today, was the last part of his card giveaway I claimed. The Yankees. Like I said in an earlier in this series, I was afraid to find way too many double Yanks so I at first hesitated at claiming it. But, then gave in.

I am glad I did.

There were obviously some dupes in the group, but not as many as I thought. There were actually quite a few great cards I added to my Yankee PC.

Starting out with these cards. My Yankees PC strength is everything from 85-now including some of the Yankees past. These cards fall in that section but are new. Someday I hope to add more vintage to that PC especially of guys like these.

I do have this Brien Taylor. I just posted it as a constant reminder of some poor Yankee moves over the years.

Neon Deion rookies.


My man Bernie! A couple of rookie adds.

I do have this card as well, but I just like the design and appeal of it. I don’t mind owning a second copy especially since this one is in better shape than my previous one.

Buck looks lock and loaded to manage some players.

Some new Don’s for the second biggest PC in my Yankee collection.

I fell in love with this Cletis as soon as I saw it. Really cool.

Here are a couple of standout players. Yes, pun intended.

DJ and Bernie. Actually didn’t have these. Very impressive.

Metal rocks. I especially liked this design with the city backgrounds. One of my favorite 90 product lines.

Showing this off just cause

I am not sure if I missed the boat on having Yankees from this Topps flagship, but they are all new.

including DJ

And Mr. Torre. THE GREATEST MANAGER OF ALL TIME. Yes, I will say that loud and proud.

And some older Yanks to help add to that PC. I like the Nettles.


Well, there you have it for the Yanks portion of my P-Town mail day. The finale we will be heading to the gridiron and it will be a worthy trip so stay tuned.

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