Release Date: July 25, 2018

Box Breakdown: 10 packs per box, 5 cards per pack, 24 boxes per case (2 inner cases per master case)

Certified is an every-year staple of the football card world. It returns this year with a few slight changes. The base cards will be heavily-foiled like previous years, however there will be only partial borders rather than previous years of bordered base.


As far as autographs and relics go, not much on the design has changed drastically. All rookie cards will have photos of players in their NFL jerseys, and the trademark Freshman Fabric RPAs are back and will feature all of the best rookies going into the 2018 NFL season. Each hobby box will include 4 autographs or relic cards with 1 guaranteed Freshman Fabric RPA per box.


The Freshman Fabric RPAs are the first true RPAs of the football card year. While they are not hard-signed, Panini makes up for the sticker-autos with the amazing patches and extensive amounts of parallels. Freshman Fabric RPA parallels include Orange (/349 or less), Red (/249 or less), Blue (/50 or less), Gold (/25 or less),  Purple (/10 or less), Green (/5 or less), and Black (1/1). Also making a debut this year are the new Micro-Etch editions appearing in Gold (/25 or less), Purple (/10 or less), Green (/5 or less), and Black (1/1).    

Also returning are the Rookie Roll Call Signatures. The base signatures in the Rookie Roll Call batch are /99 or less, with parallels being Red (/75 or less), Blue (/50 or less), Gold (/25 or less), Purple (/10 or less), Green (/5 or less), and Black (1/1).


Certified, however, is not a rookies-only product. Veterans and retired legends make an appearance in the fan-favorite Gold Team insert. Both non-auto and auto parallels will show up, with the autographed versions being only 20 different players and numbered to /10 or less! 


While autographed Gold Team parallels will be hard to pull, easier to pull will be the Fabric of The Game relics and autographed relics. Autograph relics will be /99 or less with prime patch versions that will be /49 or less. 


The price of a box is around $100-120, so if you’re more of a pack person, you’re looking at around $11 per pack with a 40% chance in every pack of getting an autograph or relic.

2018 Panini Certified Football does not waver from what Certified has been the last few years. It is a simple, low to mid-end product with a lot of autographs and relics.




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