It’s time to take that final dive into that big box of goodies that came from P-Town of Waiting Til Next Year blog.

It’s been a wonderful journey full of fun items along the way.

Today we take a fun trip in time with football.

Memories come in full burst when I see Topps football. I know many of you complain about Topps baseball, but, when you take a look back at something you can’t have anymore such as Topps football, it makes you appreciate having the baseball opportunity. Exclusive licenses are the worst thing, YES THE WORST THING, in this hobby. I would take a redemption card in every box if I could have companies with multiple licenses to give us variety. And I won’t take that statement back.

I love the sideburns for Mr.Cook. You don’t see those today either.

My man Walter! I have always been a Sweetness fan. Happy to add any of his cards when I can. I really want his rookie. Hopefully someday.

Normally a card without action photo bugs me, but this ’69 Topps is so bright and colorful that how can you complain.

Steve Largent. One of the Seahawk greats. I really like the Seahawks throwbacks more than today.

John Jefferson. Gotta love a good sideline shot sometimes. I actually like the design on this set.

Bo doing some Ballet. Pro Set put out some great looking photographed cards.

I don’t mind early Fleer too much, unless it’s 91 baseball. That’s just terrible.

Randall Cunningham was a very versatile QB. Played on a few teams but I will always recognize him as an Eagle.

Jack Concannon 1965 Philadelphia Philly Eagles QB. This is a sweet card.



Jaws 2.


Sorry. No Jaws 3.
A big thanks goes out P-Town for the awesome box. Much appreciated. I still have some stuff set aside for you to go PWE when I buy some more stamps.

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